My name is Noelle!

I go by AuroraNemoia online.

See my socials idk what this one does.

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Who am I?

I've never been a huge fan of introductions, but they're a necessary evil I suppose.

My name is Noelle, (I already said that) and I'm a huge fan of AI, VR, and tech in general.

I've helped, led, and built numerous tech-related projects over the years.

Here's some of them.

Oh yeah, here's what I like to call the shacks list (consoles, phones, computers, and what I use them for)

Funny projects:

K2VR Team & Amethyst

As part of K2VR Team, I've been the project lead, and managed the awesome team that worked on releasing Amethyst, a Windows app for body tracking using community-made plugins.

In my time in K2VR Team, I and everyone else have researched a lot into how the old tech works, and we plan on implementing our own reimagining of Microsoft's tracking SDK, built with modern day AI techniques while still benefiting from the Kinect depth map to save on resources.

Ena and Stella Nemoia

This is very recent and in active development, but I've started building complex AIs using self-hosted large language models at the core. I hold this project near to my heart.


A suite of tools to improve the experience when using Rift and Rift S on Windows. This is still in the planning stages. Other projects are more important.

Augmented Hip

I designed the website for Hekky's Augmented Hip software.


I contributed to the brand identity (logo, wordmark, colorways) of Vignette, an upcoming opensource modular app for VTubers.

Discord Bots

I designed the current look of (The Vue implementation was not by me.) The entire website and backend are being rewritten and redesigned because the needs of the team have exceeded the old system's capabilities.

Nebula sound theme

[NO LINK YET!] A set of soothing CC0 sounds to use in any app or project you want. Originally made for a revival project of VaNiiMenu.

My socials

Mastodon ( Twitter (@AuroraNemoia) GitHub (AuroraNemoia) My music on Bandcamp Soundcloud

This is it

This website will gain a lot more things in the future, I swear.

I'm just too busy with other projects and stuff.